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Pip.png Dear adventurer,
The main server is located in Canada East Coast.
One of our proxies is located in Los Angeles with optimization for PH players.
Our servertime is based on the Los Angeles one, not the Canada one!
The EU proxy will be added if EU players experience lag with the main server or the los angeles based one.
We are fine with adding more proxies if there's enough people coming from a specific area.

Pip.png Below you will find a list of the basic server information and all our commands.

  • Note: By using @commands you will get a full list of available commands.


Basic Server Information

Information Description
Rates 75x / 75x / 50x / MvP+Boss Equip 10x / MvP+Boss Cards 1x
Episode El Dicastes - 13.1
Pre-Renewal With adjusted Renewal content
Quest EXP 25x
Homunculus EXP 50x
Homunculus/Pet Intimacy 5x
BG Extended Battleground
War of Emperium Castle Rotation, Ultimate Guild System & more
EXP Loss Yes, 1%
Donation Cosmetic
Special The following items had their sell prices halved in order to minimize Zeny inflation. These items will still follow the old AZI-Patch behavior and are sold -50% their original value:

Mastela fruit.gif Mastela Fruit
Royal jelly.gif Royal Jelly
Silver ring.gif Silver Ring
Gold ring.gif Gold Ring
Diamond Ring.gif Diamond Ring
Stiletto.gif Stiletto
Carat diamond.gif 1carat Diamond
Carat diamond.gif 2carat Diamond
Carat diamond.gif 3carat Diamond
Crest1.gif Crest2.gif Crest3.gif Crest4.gif Crest Pieces
Crystal mirror.gif Crystal Mirror
Flame heart.gif Flame Heart
Great nature.gif Great Nature
Munak doll.gif Munak Doll
Pearls.gif Pearl
Topaz.gif Topaz
Witherless rose.gif Witherless Rose

NPCs Healer + Buffer, Warper, Kafra Services, Rental Services, Build Master + Reset, Card Remover, DB Room and soooo much more!


Normal Commands

Command What does it do?
@help <@commandname> Display the function of a specific command--doesn't work with all commands.
@request Display the in-game help desk to contact the Game Master.
@request2 View or Write a message to the Game Master (Also accessible via @request).
@commands Displays all commands available for your character.
@charcommands Display additional commands unlocked by the character.
@news Display the most recent announcement regarding server update.
@ii +ItemID / @iteminfo +ItemID Displays Item Information.
@idsearch Finds an ItemID based on the name.
@whodrops <itenname / itemid> Displays who drops requested ItemID
@mi / @mobinfo <monster name / monster id> Displays monster information.
@exp Display a character experience in (%). Useful for Super Novice who aim to do the Super Novice Chant.
@showexp Displays/Hides the Experience gained.
@showmobs <monster name / monster id> Display the location of a certain monster (of your current map) on the mini-map. Only usable on normal monsters.
@showzeny Display the amount of zeny gained during a transaction.
@jailtime Display the amount of jail time remaining on a character (Only available if you are jailed).
@rates Displays our server rates.
@time Displays our servertime and date.


Game Play Commands

Command What does it do?
@settings Adjust your account settings.
@security Adjust your account security settings such as Item dropping, Leaving guild, etc. Also accessible via @settings.
@go event / @go shop / @go bg Brings you to the Event/Shop/Battlegrounds
@go <number/placename> Warp to a certain map allocated by the command (Type @go to see the allocated maps).
@die Suicide.
@noks <self / party / guild > Prevent Kill Stealing with exceptions of a your self/party/guild (Default option for @noks is Party).
@hold Enable/disable character movement. This command is essential during raids where movement might cause negative effect.
@show < x y> Display a certain co-ordinate (of your current map) on the mini-map. Useful when trying to reach a location where /navi is unavailable.
@shake Enable/disable screen shaking, i.e., during Fury or heavens drive (shaking is disabled by default).
@aoes Switch the animation of AoE on/off.
@storage Open your personal storage.
@gstorage / @guildstorage Open your guild storage. @guildskill Usable by Guild Leaders to cast various guild skills.
@lgp Short for "Lite Graphics Plugin." It display light markers that indicate the AoE of all skills.
@circle Display circular light markers with a radius of 10 cells around the character.
@square <on/off> / @square <1-10> Display light markers between 1-10 cells around the character.
@refresh Reload information on your screen. Good to use when you are lagging.
@autorefresh Automatically reload information on your screen. You can't use NPCs while the command is activated. It is helpful when doing raids.
@restockmanage Adjust restock settings and Set the items to be restocked into your inventory
@restock Obtain the items set in @restockmanage from your personal storage.
@showdelay Switch the skill delay failure message on/off.


Custom & Feature Commands

Command What does it do?
@autoloot <percentage> Automatically loot items within a drop rate percentage E.g. @autoloot 50; Automatically loot all item between 0 ~ 50% drop rate (Default loot is at 100% drop rate).
@alootid + <itemname / itemid> Allows you to autoloot only specific items. Make sure to write the "+". Example: "@alootid +512"
@autoloottype + <itemtype> Automatically loot items with of a certain type. Available types are: healing, usable, etc, weapon, armor, card, pet egg, petarmor and ammo.
@arealoot Loots everything in a 5v5 cell area around the Item you're picking up.
@at / @autotrade Enable Buying or Selling shop without logging into the account.
@whobuy <itemname / itemid> Search for the buying shop for a certain item a player wish to buy.
@whosell <itemname / itemid> Search through the selling shops for a certain item for sale.
@dance <1-9> Allows your character to dance!
@99ladder Display the hall of fame for the first 5 players who reached level 99 (Non-rebirth) and the first 10 players who reached level 99 (Rebirth).
@td / @tooldealer Opens up the tooldealer via command. You can sell/buy items wherever you are.
@buy Directly open the buy section of tool dealer. Only usable in town.
@sell Directly open the sell section of a shop. Only usable in town.


Commands for Homunculus/Mercenary/Pets

Command What does it do?
@hominfo Display general information regarding your homunculus.
@homstats Display status of your homunculus.


Commands for Events

Command What does it do?
@joinds Join the Devil Square event.
@joinkoe Join the KoE event.


Chat Commands

Command What does it do?
@channel create <#channel name> <channel password> Create a new channel personal channel.
@channel list Display the list of channels on the server.
@channel setcolour <#channel name> <colour name> Change the colour of your personal channel.
@channel list colors Display the available font colour for your personal channel.
@channel leave <#channel name> Exit a personal channel.
@channel bindto <#channel name> Bind your global chat to a channel. Anything you type on the global chat will be sent to the channel.
@channel unbind Unbind your global chat from a channel (if binded).
@channel ban Ban a character from your personal channel (Only usable by channel owners).
@channel unban <#channel name> <character name> Unban a character banned from your personal channel (Only usable by channel owners).

@channel unbanall <#channel name

@channel unbanall <#channel name> Unban all characters banned banned from your personal channel (Only usable by channel owners).
@channel banlist <#channel name> Display the list of banned characters from a channel.
@channel setup <#channel name> Add or remove option name with option value to a channel.
@join <#channel name> <channel password> Join a certain channel. You must insert password if applicable.
@exit Exit a certain channel.
@breakguild Disband a guild.
@noask Enable/Disable all type of invitations: friend, guild, party and trade.
@party Enable creation of a party (Most favourable than /organize as it allow party name with spaces).


PvP Commands

Command What does it do?
@duel / @duel <player name> Create a duel environment or Request a duel with a certain character.
@invite <player name> Request a duel with another character. Must be used before the first person invited to a duel accept the duel request. There is no limitation for the number of duel participants..
@reject Reject a duel request.
@accept Accept a duel request.
@leave Leave a duel.


BG Commands

Command What does it do?
@listenbg Enable/disable Battleground announcements.
@order <message> A special faction leader command which allow you to broadcast a message to everyone in the faction.
@leader <character name> Delegate new faction leader in a Battleground match.
@reportafk Report an AFK player in Battleground or Devil Square.
@votekick Vote to remove an AFK player from Battleground or Devil Square.
@voteleader <character name> Delegate a new faction leader based on majority vote (Currently not working).
@partyjoinbg Join the the Battleground queue as a party (Currently not working).
@joinbg Personally join the Battleground queue.
@leavebg Leave the Battleground queue.
@packetfilter Ignores global chat and other player item uses to reduce lag.