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Pip.png Dear adventurer,

Below you will find some useful information about our client and its features.


Character Creation

Pip.png Our character creation allows to you to the following things:


Pip.png Create a new character, select a hairstyle or hair color, give your char a name and more!

  • You have up to 12 slots for your characters.
  • If you want to delete one of your characters simply select your character and click on "Delete".
  • Your character will /sit and deleted after a certain amount of time which will be broadcasted over the head.


Pip.png Our Ingame Chatbox has following options:


Pip.png Our Chatbox with different global channels will make communicating with other players super easy!

  1. main - Is used for general talking.
  2. trade - Is used for trades like buy, sell or trade.
  3. support - Is used for questions to the GM Team. But you can also use @request.
  4. recruit - Is used to recruit players for a party, guild recruitment or else.
  5. offtopic - Is used for anything else that does not fit into the other channels.

Basic Info

Pip.png The Basic Info Window contains following:


Pip.png Our Basic Info Window can be collapsed or kept normal.

  • It displays your characters information, like your J/B level, class, HP/SP and your zeny.
  • With the newer client we are using you also get customized icons. (First picture)
  • The customized icons are: Status Window, Equipment Window, Skill Window, Item Window. Booking Window, Party Window, Guild Window, Battle Window, Quest Window, Map Window, Navigation Window, Option Window, Bank Window, and Record Window.
Window What does it do?
Status Window (Atl+A) Ability to set your Status Points >Str, Agi, Vit, Int, Dex, Luk< and see your Atk, Def, Hit, Flee and other useful Information.
Equipment Window (Alt+Q) Check out your equipment, your costumes or set if you want to allow players to see your equipment by clicking on "Show Equip".
The tab for the Title will be used in the near future for our upcoming Title System.
Skill Window (Alt+S) Set your character skills in the Skill Tree. By clicking on "Apply" your skills will be set and there is no way of undoing it unless you use our Skill Reset NPC in Prontera.
You can also view the skills info by clicking on "View Skill Info" on the upper part of the tab.
Item Window (Alt+E) The Item Window is your Inventory. All your obtained items from mobs,trades or quests will go into this window. The letter "I" is for useable items like potions. "E" is for equipment based items like weapons or armors. "M" is the tab for miscellaneous items like empty bottles or jellopy.
Booking Window This feature is rarely or not used at all since most players use #recruit to find a party fast.
Party Window (Alt+Z) Invite friends, open 1:1 chats, configure your setup, delete friends or maintain your party!

With our party window you can easily set your party configs and enable/disable share or loot!

Guild Window (Alt+G) Contains your Guilds Information, a list of your Members, their Positions, your Guild Skills, the Expel History and additional Guild Notes.

Inside your Member list you can give out positions which are configurable in the Positions tab.

Battle Window The Battle Window is not needed on our server as we have our own modified Battleground System.
Quest Window (Alt+U) The Quest Window will display all official quests you have accepted. You can decline them or get more information via this tab.
Map Window (Ctrl+`) Shows the entire world of Ragnarok. With our new client it will also display the official ways of going from town to town by Kafra or Ship.
If you hover over Prontera for example it will show you to which directions you can warp using the Kafra services. This is not needed on our server though as we have all Town warps in our customized Warp System.
Navigation Window A newly introduced feature which allows you to search for a monster, map or NPC. Once you know what you want to search, click on the little button on the right with the "Navigation" letters as hover.
You will see a red arrow-path on the ground that will lead you to your destination.
Option Window (ESC) The Option Window allows you to go back to the Character Select, Configure your Settings, your Sound, your BM/Shortcut settings, Exit to Windows or return to the game.
Bank Window (Ctrl+B) Our client-integrated Bank Window will allow you to Deposit or Withdraw money. The money is stored on the entire Account.
If you want to delete your character make sure to store the Zeny and collect it with your newly created one or an older one.
Rec Window Our Record Window is a new client feature which allows you to record everything ingame. Once opened, a new small window will pop up. Click on Start and put in a word to describe your record. Once that's done click on Start once more and it will automatically start recording. To stop the record click on Stop and then you can end it by clicking on End. It will be saved inside your RO folder.

A proper guide for it will be displayed in the Server Guides tab on our Wiki Navigation.

Cash Shop

Pip.png How does our Cash Shop work? Check it out:

Pip.png The cash shop button can be found on the upper right of your RO Window.

  • Note: Our Cash Shop is almost entirely cosmetic based and everything can be obtained easily through normal gameplay or events. For a full list of items, please click on General > Donation Shop.

Pip.png Once you clicked on the button a new window will open.

  • Inside this window you have the ability to search for items, to view our cash shop items or to buy them.
  • On the lower part you can see your Cash Points.
  • If you want to purchase an item, simply click+hold it and drag it to the right "Purchase List" window. It will then ask you how much of the desired item you would like to buy.

Mini Map

Pip.png You're lost and got no idea how to find a map? Our worldmap will help:

Pip.png The Mini Map can be found on the upper right of your RO Window right next to the Cash Shop one.


  • With our new client you don't need to type in "/where" anymore. Your location will be displayed right under the Mini Map picture.
  • You can also zoom in/out, maximize the Mini Map (separated window) or display the entire world map.

Shortcuts & Emotes

Pip.png For a list of useful Shortcuts and Emotes read here:

Pip.png F12 - Your skill bar.
Place your skills on the F12 Window and use them with F1, F2, F3 and so on.

  • Example: Place "First Aid" on the first slot of your F12 Window and then use F1 on your keyboard. Tada~aa!


Pip.png ALT+M - Your Shortcut List.
You can place anything inside your shortcut list. Normal sentences like "Thank you!" or @commands like @refresh. A lot of players have emotes in there like /kis or /omg.



Pip.png ALT+L - Your Emoticon List.
Select any kind of emote by clicking on it. All you have to do now is to press Enter.
It takes a bit time to get used to all emote shortcuts but the main ones used are easy to remember:
/kis /lv /wah /omg /ok /swt /ic /! /? /hmm /thx /no1