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Pip.png Dear adventurer,

This is a list of Forum/GM hosted events.
If you want to know more about ingame events please click on "Custom Features" in our Navigation and select the "Main Area" button.


Bring a Friend Event

Pip.png Bring a friend or two! Or twenty! In return for introducing your friends to this server, you and your friends will receive goodies.


For every 1 friend you introduce, you will get Lesser Event Box x 1.
At 5 friends, you will get Lesser Event Box x 5 + Medium Event Box x 1.
At 10 friends, you will get Lesser Event Box x 10, Medium Event Box x 1, and Greater Event Box x 1.
If you introduce at least 20 friends, you can pick any 1 item in the Cash Shop.

Each friend will receive:
Battle Manual.gif Battle Manual x 1
Pip.png Lesser Event Box x 1
Elaria ♥ Hat x 1
Red Envelope.gif Red Envelope x 1 (contains Random Zeny)
Old Purple Box.gif Purple Boxes x 5

Card album.gif Card Album x 1


Pip.png So how do I get my friends to apply and get your rewards?

Pipy.png Have your friends introduce themselves in the Arrival & Inquiries thread. They need to include this information in their post:

Their character name (must already be made) as well as yours

Whether they have played Ragnarok Online before, and if they have, what server(s)
Their goal(s) on Elaria Woon Reloaded
Something interesting about themselves

Pip.png From there, the post will be manually approved by one of the Admins or designated GMs. Anyone caught attempting to abuse this event will be banned. If you share your internet or connection with someone else, or play in a public area, i.e., internet cafe, have your friend include that information as well.

Streaming Event

Pip.png This event helps our community grow and gives you an opportunity to receive exclusive headgear and more.

Pip.png To begin, stream our server on Twitch, YouTube, or any other platform. You will not be rewarded for being AFK for long.
Once you have streamed enough to claim a reward, drop a message to an Admin or GM with a URL to each video you streamed. You can also post your URL onto the Streaming Event thread:

Pip.png Currently, we have rewards for total views as well as 6, 12, and 24 hours of streaming.

After 500 total views:
Sepia Cap (upper)

Sepa Cap.png


1000 total views:
Falling Autumn Leaves (lower "aura")



Here is a teaser for the 24 hours streaming reward:
Streaming Headgear.gif

Loadingscreen Contest

Pip.png It's time to get out your pencil, rubber, and most likely your graphic tablet!

Pip.png The Loadingscreen event is designed to show off your skills and support for Elaria Woon Reloaded.


Our server name or logo must be in the image. You may use these images.
Minimum size required is 1920x1080 or larger
Image format should be PSD, PNG or JPG
No nude, racist, defamatory, hateful, obscene or explicit drawings
The loadingscreen must be created by the person who submits it

Pip.png To enter this event, please submit your loadingscreen here (you may leave a watermark on the image in your post)
All entries will be posted on Facebook and players will have 48 hours to vote for the best entry
Two winners will be chosen: one by the number of the likes on their entry and another by the staff.



I31112.gif Amber Pearl x 50
Clothe color.gifClothe Color Pack x 1 of your choice
Hair color package1.gif Hairstyle Pack x 1 of your choice
Paint Badge.png Special Forum Badge x 1

Pip.png Visit the Loadingscreen Contest ♥ thread for submissions and more information.

Facebook Share Event

Pip.png Get a reward for sharing a pinned post from our Facebook page!

Facebook Share.png

Pip.png Share this pinned post:

Pip.png We have three rewards. In order to get all of them, you'll have to work together and share as much as possible!

Pip.png If you can share the pinned post 30x, you will get a special welcome headgear.
Share the post 60x and you will get an event box which will give you a random lesser donation headgear.
If you can share the post 90x, you will get an event box which will give you a random medium donation headgear.

Level Up Event

Pip.png This event is a race to level 99.

Pip.png The first 5 non-rebirth and rebirth players to hit 99 will be awarded.

  • Note: This Event has ended! Below are the winners:
LevelUp Banner.png

1. Takamaru
2. Sendji
3. Vogyn
4. Kawu
5. Waylon

1. VaniChamp
2. Takamaru
3. VaniArcher
4. Bully

5. Mina chan


Pip.png Winners, please claim your reward at the "Item Rewards" in Prontera at the fountain.

Non-Rebirth Rewards

Battle Manual.gif Battle Manual x 2
Battle Manual.gif Job Manual x 2
Gym pass.gif Gym Pass x 1
Bg case key.gif BG Case Key x 1
I31112.gif Amber Pearl x 10

Rebirth Rewards
Battle Manual.gif Battle Manual x 2
Battle Manual.gif Job Manual x 2
Gym pass.gif Gym Pass x 1
Bg case key.gif BG Case Key x 1
I31112.gif Amber Pearl x 10
Bloody branch.gif Bloody Branch x 1
Gym pass.gif Guild Dungeon Pass x 1
Old enriched elunium.gif Old Enriched Elunium x 1
Old enriched oridecon.gif Old Enriched Oridecon x 1

  • You may also type @99ladder ingame to see the winners.

If your name is on the Non-Rebirth and Rebirth ladder you will receive both reward packs.

Double War Badge Event

Pip.png Come join the fun with our Double War Badge Event!

War Badges.gif

Pip.png This event comes and goes, so please check the Double War Badge Event thread regularly:

Pip.png If you can get 10v10 players, the next round will give everyone an additional +10% badge reward.
Get 15v15 players in one round and the next would will give you additional +15% badge reward.
This system scales up until +50%--wait WHAT?!
This is not a typo--you get an insane bonus based on player count and badge count is doubled!

Pip.png Invite your friends and enjoy a whole weekend with over +100% badge reward!
Your friends are not geared up? Introduce them to our Ultimate Guild System and they will be ready to play in no time!
Please keep in mind that BG is for rebirth/ext. 95+

War Badges2.png