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Pip.png Dear adventurer,
You have questions and would like to know the answer?
Below you will find a list of F.A.Q that players have been asking.


General Questions

Pip.png What is Elaria Woon Reloaded?

Pipy.png Elaria Woon Reloaded started as a collaborative project between a Lowrate and a Midrate. Both servers have been successful in the past. We attempted to do something fresh and different so we stuck with our plan until the end. The Admins have come to the realization that there is no desire for such a unique experience and as a result we have come to the conclusion to revamp the server entirely and shift more towards a mid rate mentality.


Pip.png Can I play this server on OS X or Linux?

Pipy.png This is not possible on our server yet, maybe in the future.


Pip.png When did the server start?

Pipy.png The server started as hybrid (MR+LR) on 2016.09.03 and went down on 2016.11.04 for the revamp. The new opening is scheduled to be in December 10, 2016!

In-Game Questions

Pip.png How can I contact the GMs?

Pipy.png You can either send us a ticket via @request or check the Online GMs. #support channel can also be used to contact our staff.


Pip.png Custom Content?

Pipy.png We'll be adding more official and custom content but both will be adjusted to pre-renewal.

Cash Shop Questions

Pip.png Will the cash shop stay cosmetic?

Pipy.png We don't want to put any game-affecting items into the cash shop at all. But after multiple requests and votes from our playerbase, we decided to add less than a handfull items that are not purely cosmetic. Those items will be easily available through normal gameplay/events though.


Pip.png Can we pay with something else other than Paypal?

Pipy.png Paypal is our main payment method but we also allow Western Union.

Forum Questions

Pip.png Will there be an Award System?

Pipy.png Yes, we plan on integrating one in the near future. It has to be converted and adjusted to our Forum Software but we'll get it.


Pip.png Can we change our display names?

Pipy.png Yes, you can change your name in your account settings.


Pip.png How often can we expect forum events?

Pipy.png We try to do forum events frequently. So far there has been every 1-2 weeks an event.

Future Questions

Pip.png How do you plan on paying bills with a cosmetic server?

Pipy.png It is not hard to pay the server bills, even with a purely cosmetic cash shop there is enough income with a decent playerbase to maintain the server costs. Worst case we would pay the server bills on our own again like we did when the server started.


Pip.png How long do you think the server will be up?

Pipy.png Considering we started this project with it being a long-term project in mind and us as admins being dedicated to the project and the players, you can expect the server to stay up for years.


Pip.png Will you ever implement 3rd classes?

Pipy.png We don't have any plans on adding third classes.