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Guild System

Pip.png Dear adventurer,
Our Ultimate Guild System is one of the features that makes us stand out. We have put great efforts into providing you easy access to equipment which is GvG/BG bound and only affects those areas. This will make sure that you can easily join WoE or BG.

Pip.png One of the key positives of this system is that individual players can also benefit from it. No one has to apply for guild packages anymore.As long as you have a guild you can register, purchase guild items, and earn points.


General Information

Pip.png Ultimate Guild System (UGS):
This system aims to be the ultimate tool for new guilds that wish to get into WoE and BG as soon as possible. Each guild will be given a select number of guild points which can be used in the guild shop to purchase gear. Additional guild points may be earned through guild missions. It will contain guild-bound items that will always be returned to the guild storage when a guild member leaves or is expelled of the guild. Fifty (50) exclusive costumes will also be available to purchase with guild points, strengthening the bond through the guild missions.

In-depth Information

How does our System work?

Pip.png Once you have created your guild, you will simply talk to the guild master NPC to register your guild.
He is located in the shop area which can be accessed through @go shop.
You will have to verify that you and your members have read and agreed to the rules and that failure to comply will mean losing guild privileges.
When the registration is complete your guild will automatically get 100 guild points.
Those guild points can be used in the guild shop and spend however the guild leader wishes.

Pip.png All basic WoE and BG gears are either free of charge or cost only 1 guild point.
The gears are not ideal and you will need more points depending on the size and wishes of your guild.
However, you will be able to instantly provide basic equipment for a guild of 15-20 people.
The guild feature is not just WoE and BG oriented.
Social guilds will also be able to purchase cosmetic hats and costumes.

Earn Guild Points

Pip.png Guild points are used by guild leaders to purchase guild items for their guild.
Pip.png Guilds are able to earn more guild points by doing the following:

Pipy.png Item gathering mission every 12 hours.

Pipy.png MvP hunt mission. (fast respawn MvPs will make it easy to gather points).
Pipy.png Instance mission every 23 hours which can easily be completed with 5+ members.
Pipy.png Destroying an EMP in KoE will earn your guild 1 guild point.
Pipy.png For every 5 of your members that complete Devil Square you will get 1 guild point.
Pipy.png Destroying an EMP in WoE will earn your guild 2 guild points.

Guild-Bound Items

Pip.png Guild items are a great way to quickly gear up for WoE and BG!
Pip.png Please note that there are some limitations associated with guild-bound items:

Pipy.png Everything from the guild shop will be guild bound and their names will appear yellow.

Pipy.png If a player is expelled or leaves the guild the items will return to the guild storage.
Pipy.png Items cannot be sold, traded, mailed or stored, they can only be gstored.
Pipy.png The WoE + BG exclusive items can only be used in WoE and BG marked maps.
Pipy.png These items are marked with “guild” in front of their name.
Pipy.png On top of the guild bound protection, each item has its own individual trade flag to prevent the item from being sold, traded or anything else besides being storeable.
Pipy.png Guild leaders can choose to guild bind any personal items.
Pipy.png Items can never be unbound once they have been bound to the guild.
Pipy.png Hats and costumes will be guild bound but not limited to WoE and BG.
Pipy.png Binding a guild item with a normal card, or vice versa, will permanently guild bind the normal item. This effect persists after removal.
Pipy.png Disbanding a guild will cause all guild items to be destroyed.

Guild Items

Pip.png By using the guild trader option on the Guild Leader NPC, guild leaders will be able to spend points for BG and WoE equipment.
Pip.png All guild items purchased by this npc are Guild-Bound.

Guild Points Equipment Cards
1 Point Feather beret.gif Guild Feather Beret

Ulles cap.gif Guild Ulle Cap [1]
Apple of archer.gif Guild Apple Of Archer
Wool scarf.gif Guild Wool Scarf [1]
Tidal shoes.gif Guild Tidal Shoes [1]
Glove.gif Guild Glove[1]
Ring.gif Guild Ring[1]
Earring.gif Guild Earring[1]
Necklace.gif Guild Necklace[1]
Knife.gif Guild Knife[4]
Harp.gif Guild Harp[2]
Violin.gif Guild Violin[4]
Rope.gif Guild Rope[4]

Card.gif Guild Nightmare Card , Card.gif Guild Stalactic Golem Card

Card.gif Guild Incubus Card , Card.gif Guild Elder Wilow Card
Card.gif Guild Giearth Card , Card.gif Guild Marc Card
Card.gif Guild Evil Druid Card , Card.gif Guild Thara Frog Card
Card.gif Guild Flame Skull Card , Card.gif Guild Horn Card
Card.gif Guild Raydric Card , Card.gif Guild Noxious Card
Card.gif Guild Verit Card , Card.gif Guild Sohee Card
Card.gif Guild Ferus Card , Card.gif Guild Matyr Card
Card.gif Guild Smokie Card , Card.gif Guild Zerom Card
Card.gif Guild Alligator Card , Card.gif Guild Drops Card
Card.gif Guild Fabre Card , Card.gif Guild Skel Worker Card
Card.gif Guild Hydra Card , Card.gif Guild Archer Skeleton Card
Card.gif Guild Horong Card , Card.gif Guild Marine Sphere Card

2 Points 5808.gif Dark Bacilium [1]
3 Points Bcaptmant.gif Guild Valkyrie Manteau [1]

2433.gif Guild Diabolus Boots [1]
2785.gif Guild Orlean's Glove [1]

5 Points Sunglasses.gif Guild Sunglasses[1]

Valkyrian armor.gif Guild Valkyrie Armor [1]
2554.gif Guild Nidhoggur's Shadow Garb [1]

10 Points

Smile.gif Mr Smile , Sphinx.gif Spinx Helm
Goggles.gif Goggle , Munak.gif Munak Hat
Sunglasses.gif Sunglasses , Cigarette.gif Cigarette
Valkyrie feather.gif Valkyrie Feather Band , Shining sun.gif Clear Sun
Gemmend sallet.gif Gemmed Sallet , Butterfly ears.gif Butterfly Wing Ears
Pipy.png Bolt Ears , Heart blue eyebandage.gif Heart Eye Patch1
Heart pink eyebandage.gif Heart Eye Patch2 , Chicken beak.gif Chicken Beak
Old timey musctache charles beard.gif Old Timey Mustache , Yellow hat.gif Yellow Hat
Singing bird.gif Singing Bird , Pipy.png Rooster's Comb
Rainbow.gif Rainbow , Lightning cloud.gif Lightning Cloud
Rain cloud.gif Rain Cloud , Cube mask.gif Cube Mask
Red bunny band.gif Red Bunny Band, Red spore hat.gif Spore Hat
Despero thanatos.gif Despero of Thanatos Mask , Sinsuncho hat.gif Sinsuncho Hat
Rose corsage.gif Rose Corsage , Gryphon hat.gif Gryphon Hat
Pipy.png Full Moon , Reginleif hairband.gif Reginleif Hairband
Rabbit earplug.gif Rabbit Earplug , Romantic white flower.gif Romantic White Flower
Devils whisper.gif Devil Whisper , Oliver wolf hood.gif Oliver Wolf Hood
Drooping neko crew.gif Tare Neko Cru , Boys cap.gif Boy's Cap
Valkyrie helm.gif Valkyrie Helm , Deviruchi hat.gif Deviruchi Cap
Frog hat.gif Frog Cap , Majestic goat.gif Magestic Goat
5800.gif Blush

Unrestricted Items

Pip.png With our Soul Sacrifice System, we also introduce Unrestricted Guild Items!
Pip.png Unrestricted items will work everywhere, but they do quite a bit more. These items are still guild bound and cannot be traded through any other means except guild storage.


Pip.png By using Player Souls, you can receive universal guild items.

Item Name Requirements
Bronze dragonhelm.gif RWC Dragon Helm Copper Pip.png 10 Guild points

Pip.png 1 Player Soul

Silver dragonhelm.gif RWC Dragon Helm Silver Pip.png 1 RWC Dragon Helm Copper

Pip.png 10 Guild Points
Pip.png 1 Player Soul

Gold dragonhelm.gif RWC Dragon Helm Gold Pip.png 1 RWC Dragon Helm Silver

Pip.png 10 Guild Points
Pip.png 1 Player Soul

Defolty doll hat.gif Defolty Doll Hat 5 Guild Points, 1 Player Soul, 1000 War Badges
Glaris doll hat.gif Glaris Doll Hat 5 Guild Points, 1 Player Soul, 1000 War Badges
Sorin doll hat.gif Sorin Doll Hat 5 Guild Points, 1 Player Soul, 1000 War Badges
Telling doll hat.gif Telling Doll Hat 5 Guild Points, 1 Player Soul, 1000 War Badges
Bennit doll hat.gif Bennit Doll Hat 5 Guild Points, 1 Player Soul, 1000 War Badges
W doll hat.gif W Doll Hat 5 Guild Points, 1 Player Soul, 1000 War Badges

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