Hidden Drops

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Pip.png Dear adventurer,
On our server you will find a variety of hidden headgear drops from monsters.
They will not show in @whodrops or @mi.
Below we created a list for you showcasing the current hidden drops.

Item Name Dropped from Drop Rate
Angeling hairpin.gif Angeling Hairpin [0] Angeling 1%
Angeling hat.gif Angeling Hat [0] Angeling 0.50%
Dokebi horn.gif Dokebi Horn [1] Dokebi 1%
Evil snake lord hat.gif Evil Snake Lord Hat [1] Evil Snake Lord 0.10%
Geographer band.gif Geographer Band [0] Geographer 1%
Jumping poring.gif Jumping Poring [0] Poring 3%
King tiger doll hat.gif King Tiger Doll Hat [1] Eddga 0.10%
Leaf cat hat.gif Leaf Cat Hat [0] Leaf Cat 1%
Little angel doll.gif Angeling Hairpin [0] Lady Solace 0.50%
Luantic hat.gif Lunatic Hat [0] Lunatic 0.10%
Magnolia hat.gif Magnolia Hat [1] Magnlia 2%
Majestic evil horns.gif Majestic Evil Horns [0] Baphomet Jr. 0.50%
Navy beret.gif Navy Beret [0] Vanberk 0.50%
Peco peco hairband.gif Peco Peco Hairband [0] Peco Peco 0.05%
Poporing cap.gif Poporing Cap [0] Poporing 3%
Savage babe hat.gif Savage Babe Hat [1] Savage Babe 0.50%
Turtle hat.gif Turtle Hat [0] Permeter 0.50%
Wild rose hat.gif Wild Rose Hat [1] Wild Rose 0.05%
Peco ears.gif Peco Ears [0] Grand Peco 0.05%
Grand peco hairband.gif Grand Peco Hairband [0] Grand Peco 0.10%
Moonlight flower hat.gif Moonlight Flower Hat [0] Moonlight Flower 5%
Thanatos mal mask.gif Thanatos Mal Mask [0] Odium of Thanatos 2%
Hyegun hat.gif Hyegun Hat [1] Hyegun 1%
Whisper mask.gif Whisper Mask [0] Whisper 3%
Sleeper hat.png Sleeper Hat [0] Sleeper 0.50%
Gryphon hat.gif Gryphon Hat [0] Gryphon 0.50%
Anubis hat.gif Anubis Hat [0] Anubis 0.05%