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Pip.png Dear adventurer,
We're introducing our Instances! Below you will find a list of what is awaiting you!
Click on the name of the Instance to read more about it.


Instance Name What is it about?
Access Quest - Dimensional Gap Pip.png Open the Dimensional Crack to get access to the Instance Area.

The Dimensional Gap, or Dimensional Crack, is an opening into the vacuum of time and space that separates dimensions. Such openings can only be created by beings of great power.

Sarah's Memory Pip.png Travel back in time to learn about Sarah Irene's past and trigger an unpredicted chain of events.
Ghost Palace Pip.png Take a front row seat in finding our how Sakray went from being the most loyal guard to the frightening cursed swordsman.
Wolfchev Laboratory Pip.png Wolfchev has been doing some controvericial expiriments in his lab.

Something has gone horribly wrong and you need to put a stop to his rampaging expiriments.

Farming Amber Pearls Pip.png This new instance allows players to farm Amber Pearls.