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Pip.png Dear adventurer,
Our Main Area consist of the NPCs near the fountain and around it.

  • We also have other Areas like Quest, Refine, Gamble, Cosmetic, and Shop.
    • These are signposted with chatrooms.

Pip.png If you scroll down further, you will also see our Event NPCs, which are also located within this section.

  • You can easily access the Event Main Area using @go event. Frequent broadcasts during events will ask you to @go event to make it easy for you.


Main Area

Pip.png Here you will find all NPCs located around the middle of Prontera.


Pipy.png Healer located in: Prontera,152,195

Pip.png Our one-click Healer will give you Agility and Blessing with a duration of 10 minutes such as remove negative effects, auto repair your items, and identify them. There is a 10x10 cell range around the Healer to heal/buff/identify. When warping to Prontera from any map, you will automatically be re-buffed.

  • Note: You can find the Healer in every town. This NPC is 100% free of charge.

Kafra Services

 Kafra.gif Kafra2.gif Kafra3.gif Kafra4.gif Kafra5.gif Kafra6.gif 
Pipy.png Kafra Services located in: Prontera,162,194

Pip.png Our Kafra Services will allow you to save your Respawn Point in any town. You will also be able to use storage, teleport service (for a fee), rent a Pushcart, and more.

  • Note: You can find Kafra Services in every town.

Tool Dealer

Tool dealer.gif
Pipy.png Tool Dealer located in: Prontera,165,193

Pip.png When talking to this NPC, you can buy or sell items. You may also use @td or @tooldealer if this NPC is unavailable to you.

  • Note: You can find Tool Dealers in almost every town.


Pipy.png Warper located in: Prontera,159,195

Pip.png You have the option to warp to Towns, Dungeons, Fields, Instances, Special Areas and your Last Warp.

Pip.png We have an "Unlockable Map System" which lets you unlock certain quest maps if you completed the quest. All you have to do is to visit the desired map with your character and it will be unlocked for your entire account.

  • Note: You can find the Warper in every Town.

Job Master

Pipy.png Job Master located in: Prontera,149,194

Pip.png Choose your desired job class and get job change rewards for changing your job!

Universal Rental

 Universal rental.gif
 Pipy.png Universal Rental, located in: Prontera,169,195

Pip.png This Universal Rental NPC allows a player of the appropriate class to rent a Cart, Falcon, or Peco Peco without paying a fee.

Build Manager / Reset NPC

Pipy.png Build Master located in: Prontera,142, 195

Pip.png Save your skills and stats, load your build or rename your build. As a TKM you also have the option to reset your feel and hatred. As an Alchemist you have the option to shuffle your homunculus stats. Our Build Manager can also reset your skills and stats.

  • Note: This service is free of charge until base level 99.

PvP Warper

Pipy.png PvP Warper located in: Prontera,146,199

Pip.png Choose between Debuff or No-Debuff! You want do GvG? That's also no problem! With our PvP ranking and stats, effect sounds and crazy announcements you will be the king of the skulls!

  • Talking about skulls - you can trade skulls for sexy effect auras!


Pipy.png Support located in : Prontera,165,199

Pip.png Write a suggestion, report a bug or a player, contact the staff through @request or NPC and read the rules of our server. If you want to check out our list of available GM's and their supported language you can do it as well.

Item Rewards

Pipy.png Item Rewards located in: Prontera,167,197

Pip.png Whenever a GM-hosted event takes place, rewards are given out through our Item Rewards NPC.

Monster Invasion

 Monster invasion.gif
Pipy.png Monster Invasion located in: Prontera,164,175

Pip.png Donate Monster Relics to this NPC to trigger server-wide invasions.

Amber Pearl Shop

 Amber pearl shop.gif
Pipy.png Amber Pearl Shop located in: Prontera,166,172

Pip.png You can purchase Costumes and other goodies with Amber Pearls here.


Pipy.png Cluckers located in: Prontera,162,173

Pip.png Cluckers is a chicken used for an in-game automated event.

Costume Clown

Costume Clown located in: Prontera,179,219

Pip.png Our costume clown costs only 100.000z and is able to convert your headgear into a costume item or restore to its original form.

Style Shop

 Style shop.gif
Pipy.png Style Shop, located in: Prontera,185,221

Pip.png This vending machine sells packs for customizing your character. Each Clothe Color Pack has 50 colors and costs 1,000,000 Zeny. Hair Color Packs have 25 colors and sells for 250,000 Zeny each, and each Hair Style Pack has 1 Hairstyle and costs 150,000 Zeny.


Pipy.png Stylist, located in: Prontera,183,215

Pip.png Our Stylist can make you look dazzling! Talk to this NPC to select an appropriate hairstyle, hair and clothe dying that suits you.

Skin Color

Pipy.png Skin Color located in: Prontera,188,218

Pip.png Wait! You did not know about our skin colors? Yeah, that's right. We have different kind of skin colors to offer. You can decide if your characters skin should be Pale Gold, Olive, Medium Deep or Ebony!

  • Note: You can get them from amber roulette.
Pip.png Preview of our unique Skin Colors.


Name Changer

Pipy.png Name Changer located in: Prontera,187,211

Pip.png You are not happy with your character name anymore? With a Namechange Ticket and our Name Changer you can easily change your name.

  • Note: You can get the Name Change Ticket from our cash shop, ambernite roulette or from other players.


Pip.png Before you change your name you have to leave your party and guild. If you are a guild leader you might want to consider transferring your guild to a different char with our Guild Transfer NPC from the Shop Area. You can not change the name of your character while being online. This often causes issues and therefore you need to do it with a different character. Please log into a second character, use the Namechange Ticket and re-name the character that is currently offline/the character you want to rename.

  • Allowed characters: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ1234567890

War of Emperium

Pipy.png WOE Information & Warper located in: Prontera,146,193

Pip.png Our War of Emperium control system kicks inactive players automatically, displays woe sessions, rotates the castles frequently, and lets you transfer the ownership! Once WoE starts, you can see a glowing effect around the NPC.

  • Note: This NPC is located in every town.

Vending Warper

Pipy.png Vending Warper located in: Prontera,147,175

Pip.png We have limited vending spots in Prontera which you can purchase or a free vending area in @go vend. A lot of people prefer buying the limited vending spots because players will check those out first since they are in sightrange. If you want to sell your items fast and get more attention you should really try this out!


Pipy.png Settings NPC located in: Prontera,124,210

Pip.png Our setting NPC has a wide range of things you can adjust.

  • Login settings allow you to toggle on/off commands like @noask, @showexp, @noks @autoloot, @autojoin #main, @listenbg.
  • Under Account settings you will be able to view your account, your logins and change your email.
  • Announcement settings give you a big range of broadcasts which you can disable, like for example Event broadcasts, PvP or KoE.
  • Last but not least we have the Security settings which help you to secure your account.

Define if you want to be able to drop items, receive trade requests, send trade requests, open the guild storage, sell items or buy items, use vending, send or receive guild invites and if you want to be able to leave a guild.

Dead Branch Room

Pipy.png Private Branch Room located in: Prontera,131,216

Pip.png You want to throw a DB or BB party? Then hiring a Private Branch Room is the perfect solution.

  • This service is free of charge.

Pip.png If you die you can warp back to your room with our Warpers last warp option and extend your time if you want to keep the room for more than 120 minutes. The Room will automatically be abandoned and treated as "given up" if it was left empty for more than 15 minutes.


Event Main Area

Pip.png Here you will find all NPCs located in our @go event area.

Our Event Area is located in our Main Area.

  • You can easily go there by using @go event or by walking a bit up on the right side of our fountain.
  • Whenever an automated event starts it will ask you to @go event to join.
  • We kept all events in one area to make it easier for everyone to find the NPCs.
  • If you want to know the event times you can use @event - It will show the times for DS, KoE and also our current servertime.
NPC picture NPC name NPC Location NPC Information
Koe.gif Devil Square Prontera,165,234 One chance! If you die or fail, you will have to wait until a new DS event starts. There will be 4 waves of monsters you will encounter. With each wave the enemies will grow stronger. If you can get past all of them and beat the final boss you will be rewarded!

Our DS times are: 02:15, 06:15, 10:15, 14:15, 18:15 and 22:15

Kingofemp.gif King of Emperium Prontera,165,234 In order to join our King of Emperium event you need a guild. If you have a guild you can either use @joinkoe or warp/walk to our @go event area and talk to the NPC itself. You and your guild will have to defend the emperium in the middle of the map until the time is up. If you can managa it, you will be rewarded!

Our KoE times are: 00:15, 04:15, 08:15, 12:15, 16:15 and 20:15

Disguise.png Disguise Prontera,174,233 Disguise is an automated event and pretty known nowadays. All you have to do is to guess the monster which the NPC transforms into and be rewarded if you was the first to announce the correct name.
Keyboard.gif Keyboard Warrior Prontera,165,234 The Keyboard Warrior event is for those with fast fingers. He will show random words inside a chatroom which you will have to type out as fast as you can! This event is automated.
Auction.gif Auction Manager Prontera,167,233 Once in a while a Game Master will start an event where you will be able to bid for an item of their or your choice. The highest bid will receive the item after a certain amount of time has passed. This event is not automated.