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Pip.png Dear adventurer,
here you can find a guide for our Mining System.



 4 M DWARF.gif
 Pipy.pngDumathion (moc_para01 39,20)

Pip.png Through mining, you will be able to gather valuable ores or metals used for other quest or the creation of Shadow Gears.

  • Note: A minimum of Job Level 50 is required before you can start mining.

Pip.png Once you fulfill the requirement to start mining, talk to Dumathoin in the Quest Area (moc_para01 39, 20). He will briefly teach you the basics of mining, and open up two options for you to choose:

1. The first option will teleport you to a random part of the Mithril Mine

2. The second option will allow you to purchase Pick Axe for 10,000 Zeny.

  • Pick Axes are consumed with each mining attempt, and therefore an essential item in order to mine. While Pick Axes are purchasable, it is also obtainable from Mining Monsters.
  • Note: Miner is limited to mine 10,000 Ores per day to avoid killing Mother Earth.


Entering the Mithril Mine

Pip.png Upon entering the Mithril Mine, you can defeat Mining Monsters for Pick Axes, or you can start searching for the Mining Ores as noted below:

 Pipy.png A Mithril Ore
  • Mithril Mine
    In the Mithril Mine, there are 7 Mithril Ores (Marked M) and a Mining Genome (Marked G).


Mining Attempts & Mastery

Pip.png An attempt in mining takes approximately 4 seconds, which will be reduced with Mining Mastery.
During each attempt, different things may happen.

Pip.png Mining Mastery decreases your mining time. Experience for the Mining Mastery is gained through successful mining attempt.

Mining Mastery

Skill Level Required Experience Mining Time
0 0 4 Seconds
1 1,000 3 Seconds
2 5,000 2 Seconds
3 10,000 1 Second


Mining Monsters

Miner Knocker MonsterID#3717
Level 50 Mining knocker.GIF
HP 7,755
Race Demon
Property Earth (Lv. 1)
Size Small
Hit 115
Flee 94
Attack 889~990
Def 28
Magic Def 50 Str 25 Int 62
Atk Range 1 Agi 44 Dex 65
Spell Range 10 Vit 50 Luk 60
Sight Range 12 Base EXP 959,200 Job EXP 753,600

mithril_min (99)


I6010.gif Pickaxe (25%)


Shadow Gears

Pip.png Shadow equipment is composed of Weapon, Armour, Shoes, and Accessories. They are equipment which takes up the corresponding slot of your Costume equipment tab. Shadow equipment give additional bonuses to your status, which sometimes benefit more from item combo and additional refinements.