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Pip.png Dear adventurer,
Come here to refine your equipment, exchange, or remove cards!


Upgrade Weapons

 Pipy.png Vurewell, located in: prt_in_02,56,68

Pip.png Vurewell sells 2 kinds of metal for tempering weaponry. He has Phracon for Level 1 Weapons (200 Zeny each), and Emveretarcon for Level 2 Weapons (1000 Zeny each).

Oridecon & Elunium Purification

 Pipy.png Dietrich, located in: prt_in_02,63,69

Pip.png This NPC will purify Rough Oridecons or Rough Eluniums. He will need 5 Rough Stones to make 1 pure one.

Item Signer

 Item signer.gif
 Pipy.png Item Signer, located in: prt_in_02,65,68 

Pip.png The Item Signer can sign your name on almost any slotless equipment or weapon you hold.

Service Fee:

5,000 Zeny per refine
Gift box.gif Gift Box x 4

Weapon Refinement

 Misc Dealer.gif Misc Dealer.gif
 Pipy.png Hollgrehenn & Suhnbi, located in: prt_in_02,63,60 & prt_in_02,64,58

Pip.png Hollgrehenn & Suhnbi can refine all kinds of weapons, armor, and equipment. You will need Elunium/Oridecon and Zeny to refine gear from Hollgrehenn. You need Enriched Elunium/Oridecon and Zeny to refine from Suhnbi.


 Pipy.png Repairman, located in: prt_in_02,63,54

Pip.png The Repairman will repair your broken gear.

Card Remover

 Card Remover.gif
 Pipy.png Card Remover, located in: prt_in_02,55,57

Pip.png The Card Remover safely removes a bonded card from your equipment with a 100% success rate.

Service Fee:

500,000 Zeny base fee
Star Crumb.gif Star Crumb x 1
Yellow Gemstone.gif Yellow Gemstone x 1

Add Slots

 Dietrich.gif Vurewell.gif
 Pipy.png Seiyablem & Leablem, located in: prt_in_02,33,70 & prt_in_02,22,60

Pip.png Seiyablem and Leablem are brothers, and they can add Slots to normal Weapons and Armor. Leablem's services are limited, unlike his brother. However, Leablem will be able to provide a special service that his brother forbids. The brothers' service fee, required materials, and chance of success all depend on the item being worked on.

  • Note: Only carry one of the equipment to which you want to add a Slot. All other equipment with the same name should be placed in Kafra Storage.

Card Exchanger

 Card Exchanger.gif
 Pipy.png Card Exchanger, located in: prt_in_02,28,72

Pip.png The Card Exchanger trades cards with certain ID for points. Those points then can be exchanged for Buff Tokens in the Point Shop.

  • Note: You cannot open the point shop until you have some points
Exchange Rate:

Card ID 4001 - 4250: 100 Points
Card ID 4251+: 1000 Points

Pip.png Buff tokens are used up when you use the healer. The healer will give you the highest buff level to the corresponding buff name.

  • Note: Tokens have 0 weight

Below are the Buff Tokens available in the Point Shop
Note: FCP Token requires glistening potion in your inventory to be usable

Buff Name Price
Asumptio Token 12 Tokens
Magnificant Token 10 Tokens
Angelus Token 10 Tokens
Gloria Token 10 Tokens
Impositio Token 10 Tokens
Spirits (Soul Link) Token 15 Tokens
Full Chemical Protection Token 15 Tokens