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Pip.png Dear adventurer,
You've downloaded our client and want to register a new account?
Here you will find a small guide on how to register your account and where to do so.



Pip.png Visit:

  • Click on Register in the Navigation.
  • Pay attention to the instructions on the register page.
  • Fill in all required information.
  • Click on Create my Account.


Website Features

  • PvP Ranking
  • Most Kills Ranking
  • Guild Ranking
  • WoE Castle Owners
  • RSS Feed
  • Reset Position (!) If you get stuck - please use this before reporting it to a GM.
  • Reset Look (!) If you get palette errors - please use this.
  • Change Slot


Trouble creating an account?

Pip.png No problem! Message our Admins in the Forums, they will respond as quickly as possible.

Pip.png Did not get a verification e-mail?

Pipy.png That's because we don't require e-mail verification!


Pip.png Security Code not working?

Pipy.png You can "refresh" the security code. If it still doesn't work after multiple times of trying, please contact one of the admins.


Pip.png Forgot your password?

Pipy.png Restore it here if you have used a working email.