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In order for everyone to enjoy Elaria Woon Reloaded Ragnarok Online we will enforce a basic set of rules. Anyone who plays on Elaria Woon Reloaded should be familiar with our policies and procedures. Using the excuse “I didn’t know” is not an excuse.

Do not use names that are: rude, racist or ethnically offensive, defamatory, hateful, obscene, sexually explicit, contain drug references or refer to reproductive/excretory organs. Do not use homonyms of these words.

  • You are responsible for your account along with the actions taken upon it whether it be account sharing or sharing a password.
  • If you are found account sharing or that you gave your password to someone else and you were banned or your items were stolen, we will not help you recover them.
  • Make sure you choose a strong password with at least 8 characters long and a mix of uppercase, lowercase and numeric characters.

The Elaria Woon Reloaded Ragnarok Online Staff Team will never ask for your personal account information.

  • Punishments are issued at the discretion of the staff or Enforcement GM/Forum Moderators/Administrators, but will be checked against any prior violations for further punishment.
  • This does include cases or behaviors not specifically mentioned in the rules that could be viewed as inappropriate or not acceptable.
  • We reserve the right to mute, ban or jail you for rule violations with or without warning.


Ingame Rules

1. Do not advertise other servers in game through chat, global chat, private message, chatrooms, etc.

2. If a GM or Administrator contacts you in-game, respond in a timely manner and follow their instructions.

3. Do not give false information or intentionally hide any information when you providing our staff members information. Reminder: Staff members will not ask for your account name or password.

4. Do not spam or flood the in-game chat channels.

5. Only use English in the global chats(main, trade, recruit, support).

6. Do not harass, insult, defame, discriminate or make sexually explicit suggestions to other members, whether it’s about someone or just in general conversation.

7. Wth the exception of Autopot and AHK for skill spaming, 3rd party programs are not allowed. This includes but is not limited to bots, delay alterations, grf modifications, etc...

  • Grf modifications for aesthetic purposes only are perfectly fine, if you are not sure then ask an Admin.
  • Using AHK or ROMed to auto/afk farm will be treated as boting and punished acordingly.

8. Do not ask for these programs or information about them.

9. The modification of the client or grf and/or the use of a custom client or grf that gives you an unfair advantage is not permitted. Any instance of this found may result in permanent ban.

10. Never name yourself, a party or guild in an offensive or inappropriate way.

11. The Staff reserves the right to change the name with or without warning.

12. Never name yourself after one of the staff members or pretend to be a GM or Administrator.

13. Hacking or threatening to hack the server in any way will result in a permanent ban from the server.

14. Do not spam the GMs or Administrators for assistance. Please have patience when dealing with them.If you cannot get them to help you and you need assistance quickly, please post on the forums in the appropriate forum.

15. Do not impersonate a player in order to try to scam players out of their items or zeny.

16. Do not scam other players. If you are scammed by someone of your items and/or zeny, please be sure to take screenshots or replay records of any conversation and trades you make.This will help us in following proper protocols in researching the situation.

17. Never give away or loan out items or zeny, you might not get them back.

18. Do not edit or add any context to the screenshots. Any edited screenshots will not be counted as evidence.

19. Do not obstruct or stand on top of NPcs or vendors.

20. Do not create a chat or vend 4 tiles around an NPC. This can deter a player from finding an NPC or shop.

21. Do not spam skills in any town.

22. Events may be an exception, but this will be noted beforehand by the GM at the time and during the event.

23. Do not exploit bugs for your own advantage. Please report them as soon as possible to a GM or Administrator. This also counts for everything that could harm the server e.g farming badges in battlegrounds with multiple accounts or similar.

24. Do not make any known exploits public knowledge.

25. Do not associate yourself with players or guilds who may be abusing bugs for their gain.

26. If you find a player or group of players abusing a bug, please report them to the nearest GM or Administrator.

27. Goading players or guilds to attack you during WoE/BGs/PvP is highly frowned upon and may result in a warning. Please try to stay calm and respect your fellow players.

28. Do not kill steal or greed spam players.

29. Make sure to use @noks to protect yourself from having your monsters stolen before you report a player for kill stealing.

30. You have to hit the monster before @noks gets activated.

31. Killing stealing MvPs is allowed, griefing players who are attacking MvPs is against the rules.

32. Do not grief other players in-game by using the game itself to deter players in unintended ways. Some examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Blocking players or warps with Ice Wall.
  • Spamming Portals around a warp
  • Forcing monsters to teleport when another player is already attacking it.
  • Block a recast of Safety Wall with Pneuma or vice versa.
  • Mob dropping other players or parties in an attempt to kill them.



Please use common sense and think before you act.

If you have a problem with a moderator/staff member or their actions, please report it to an Administrator through PM(Private Message). Only report Staff through PM.

These rules are subject to change at any time with or without announcement. Please be sure to check them often.