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Pip.png Dear adventurer,
Here in the Shop Area, players will have access to multiple NPCs such as the Tooldealer, Guild Master, Weapons and Armor dealer, and more.


Guild Buff

 VIP System.gif
 [Image:Pipy.png]] Guild Buffs, located in: prt_in_02,72,136

Pip.png This NPC provides buffs for a guild based on a monthly subscription. The buffs received are of the highest level and is usable for all guild members. Monthly subscription can be paid via Zeny or Buff Tokens purchasable from the Card Exchanger Point Shop.

Below is the subscription price offered by the Guild Buffs
Buffs Zeny Price Token Price
Asumptio Tokens (Lv. 5) 12,000,000
Magnificant Tokens (Lv. 5) 10,000,000
Angelus Tokens (Lv. 5) 10,000,000
1000 Angelus
Gloria Tokens (Lv. 5) 10,000,000 1000 Gloria
Impositio Tokens (Lv. 5) 10,000,000 1000
Spirits (Soul Link) Tokens (Lv. 5) 15,000,000 1500 Soul Link
Full Chemical Protection (FCP) Tokens (Lv. 5) 15,000,000 1500 FCP

Guild Binder

 Bound Items.gif
 Pipy.png Guild Binder, located in: prt_in_02,66,139

Pip.png Talk to this NPC to bind certain items to your guild for 100 Zeny. There is no way to unbind it, so be careful.

Guild Master

 Guild Master.gif
 Pipy.png Guild Master, located in: prt_in_02,62,141 

Pip.png The Guild Master registers new guilds and challenges them with missions that require leadership and teamwork. Guild points can be obtained from these quests that may be traded in for equipment or other needs for your guild.

Aura Merchant

 Aura Merchant.gif
 Pipy.png Aura Merchant, located in: prt_in_02,58,143 

Pip.png Auras may be purchased and removed with this NPC using skulls acquired from PvP.

Guild Master Transfer

 Guild Master Transfer.gif
 Pipy.png Guild Master Transfer, located in: prt_in_02,51,140

Pip.png The Guild Master Transfer can change the "Guild Master" status from one player to another.

Armor Dealer

 Armor Dealer.gif
 Pipy.png Armor Dealer, located in: prt_in_02,162,138 

Pip.png Armor, shields, and accessories may be purchased from this NPC.

Weapon Dealer

 Weapon Dealer.gif
 Pipy.png Weapon Dealer, located in: prt_in_02,168,141 

Pip.png Talk to this NPC to purchase weapons.

Misc Dealer

 Misc Dealer.gif
 Pipy.png Misc Dealer, located in: prt_in_02,172,137 

Pip.png Get your miscellaneous items here! The Misc Dealer sells traps, arrows, ammunition, quivers, and pet food. The ninja shop can also be accessed with this NPC.

Berry Exchanger

 Berry Exchanger.gif
 Pipy.png Berry Exchanger, located in: prt_in_02,221,47 

Pip.png Give me Yggdrasil berries! This NPC allows you to exchange Yggdrasil Seed.gif Yggdrasil Seed x 2 for Yggdrasil Berry.gif Yggdrasil Berry x 1.