Soul Sacrifice

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Soul Sacrifice

Pip.png Dear adventurer,
Pip.png On Elaria Woon Reloaded we have a special system called Soul Sacrifice.
Please continue reading if you want to know more about it.

General Information

Pip.png By going to our custom quest map (@go quest), you will find the npc that will perform the soul sacrifice function.
Pip.png The npc will be located at the entrance of the quest map.

 Your Soul is all he wants. ~ 


Pip.png If you choose to sacrifice your current character, he will give you an item called 'Player Soul' in return.
Pip.png Please note that you will no longer have access to this character, after the soul sacrifice is complete.
Pip.png Once your character has been deleted, you will be able to collect your Player Soul with the character you selected at the Item "Rewards NPC" in Prontera.


Pip.png Sounds easy, right? Unfortunately, there are a few requirements!
Pip.png Please be sure of the following before attempting soul sacrifice:

Pipy.png Your character has to be 99/70 Rebirth.

Pipy.png Your character is not allowed to have weight.
Pipy.png Your zeny should be stored into the bank, else it will be destroyed.

Player Soul Use

Pip.png Below is a list of things you can currently do with the Player Souls.
Pip.png Please note that additional features are still being planned for future use of Player Souls.

RWC Universal Guild Headgears

Pip.png Using Player Souls, you can receive universal guild items.
Pip.png Note that you must be leader of a guild in order to access the NPC to make this headgear!
Pip.png The guild leader npc can be found at @go shop.

Item Name Requirements
Bronze dragonhelm.gif RWC Dragon Helm Copper* Pip.png 10 Guild points

Pip.png 1 Player Soul

Silver dragonhelm.gif RWC Dragon Helm Silver* Pip.png 1 RWC Dragon Helm Copper

Pip.png 10 Guild Points
Pip.png 1 Player Soul

Gold dragonhelm.gif RWC Dragon Helm Gold* Pip.png 1 RWC Dragon Helm Silver

Pip.png 10 Guild Points
Pip.png 1 Player Soul

Defolty doll hat.gif Defolty Doll Hat
Glaris doll hat.gif Glaris Doll Hat
Sorin doll hat.gif Sorin Doll Hat
Telling doll hat.gif Telling Doll Hat
Bennit doll hat.gif Bennit Doll Hat
W doll hat.gif W Doll Hat
* = Headgears are unslotted

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