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Pip.png Dear adventurer,
If you are interested in working with us, don't hesitate!
Send us your application to:
You can find a text application template in the Hiring New Staff Member! thread.


Position Name Task
PBDC03P.png [GM] Daifuku Server Owner
PBDC03P.png [GM] Nihad Server Owner
WgUfnPk.png Soulman Developer
4jBWXPe.png [GM] Frostbite Support GM, Wiki Developer
4jBWXPe.png [GM] Quintus Event GM
4jBWXPe.png [GM] Shiawase Event GM
PLzh5xZ.png Chemii Mapper
PLzh5xZ.png Haziel Spriter
PLzh5xZ.png DontPingMe Wiki Developer